Peer Mediators

Edendale is proud to offer the Cool Schools peer mediation programme for its students. The programme was developed by the NZ Foundation for Peace Studies and has been adopted by many schools in New Zealand. It is a student-centred programme in which the peer mediators (students) are trained to support their peers to resolve conflicts in a constructive way and foster positive relationships.
The programme is a great leadership opportunity for student volunteers from years five and six. At the start of every new school year student volunteers undergo a whole day of training to learn the skills of mediation. We currently have 61 peer mediators at Edendale who are rostered onto duty during break times. 
Here are just some of the benefits of peer mediation:
  • Uses students to act as third party between peers in conflict (disputants)
  • Creates opportunities for disputants to do their own problem solving
  • Encourages empathetic listening
  • Uses effective questioning techniques to assist disputants to come to their own win/win solutions
  • Gets to the core of the problem quickly
  • Empowers students without teacher intervention
 The underlying principles of the programme align with our school values of Resilience, Respect, Inclusiveness and Innovation.