House Leaders

School Houses: We have four houses – Whero (Red), Kākāriki (Green), Kōwhai (Yellow) and Kikorangi (Blue) for students and staff.  When children start school, they are placed in one of the houses.  If they have siblings studying at Edendale, we ensure siblings stay in the same school house.

We have a team of school house leaders from year six who work towards making Edendale a better place to be for all. They meet regularly with senior leaders and their lead teacher to discuss, brainstorm, and plan ways to make school an enjoyable and welcoming environment for our community. They also work together to plan and promote school wide events that all students can participate in.

We have school house t-shirts, as modelled here by our 2023 student leaders, available for purchase from our school office. They are $20 each and are available in a variety of sizes. 

Pictured are our 2023 student leaders, from left to right, Alex, Deesha, Zoe, Sammy, Frankie, George, Pou and Nina