TLC Seniors

Years four to six (Seniors)

At Edendale Primary School we think, learn and create in innovative, collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments, to enable us to grow as lifelong learners.  


We want our ākonga to THINK…

Ākonga will encounter and build interest in the inquiry. They will share their prior knowledge and make connections between past/present learning experiences/knowledge. They will be introduced to language, ideas, beliefs and concepts. Think will see them developing questions and setting goals that will drive their inquiry.


We want our ākonga to LEARN…

Ākonga should challenge ideas, beliefs, values and misconceptions. Working in groups, they will support each other’s understanding as they articulate their observations, ideas, questions and hypotheses. They will sort, organise, analyse, and  and represent information gathered to demonstrate and communicate their understandings. They will work together cooperatively or collaboratively to develop thinking, communication and research skills.


Take Action

We want our ākonga to CREATE…

Ākonga may make connections to other related concepts (through observation of other phenomena) and apply their understandings to the world around them. They may identify the implications of what they have learnt and continue to relate their learning to real-life examples.