School Zone & Enrolment

Please read the information below about
enroling at Edendale.

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.


Arabi Street                                                         

Aroha Ave (2-36, 1-63)                                         

Balmoral Road (228-280,243-277)                        

Begbie Place                                                       

Calgary Street                                                     

Cambourne Road (1-37, 2-24)                              

Camden Road                                                     

Carrie Street                                                        

Collins Street                                                       

Columbia Road                                                    

Cornwallis Street       

Coyle Street                                                

Dominion Road (727-815—odd numbers only)      

Duncan Ave

Edenview Road

Ethel St (2-42, 1-25)

Euston Road

Fergusson Ave

Fowlds Ave

Freyberg Ave

Gribblehurst Road (67-91,66-90)

Grove Road

Halesowen Ave

Hampstead Road

Harwood Street

Haverstock Road

Hazelmere Road

Highcliffe Road

Houkura Way

Hulse Ave

Huntingtree Ave

Invermay Ave (odd numbers)

Jason Ave

Kenneth Ave

Kerr Street

Kingsway Ave

Kitchener Road

Kiwitea Street

Lambeth Road

Lancing Road

Leslie Ave (1-41, 2-28)

Locarno Ave

Marne Road

Mars Ave

Mt Albert Rd (170-310 even numbers only)

Oxton Rd

Ngapawa Street

Paice Ave (64-90, 63-91)

Parrish Road (1-29, 2-28)

Parry Street

Patterson Street

Pickett Ave

Renfrew Ave (even numbers)

Sandringham Rd (190-692, 123-681)

Shaw Street

Shorwell Street

St Lukes Road (90-110, 75-123)

Tuamata Street

Thanet Ave



Tranmere Road

Truro Road

Vancouver Ave

Wagener Place

Watea Road

Watson Ave

Wembley Road